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America's Best Poultry Litter Windrower

Designed for power, efficiency and ease-of-use, the Creek View Windrow Composter combines three essential in-house composting actions — windrowing, windrow turning and windrow spreading — into one convenient machine. It makes windrowing easier, more efficient and more economical. What’s not to love?

windrowing with the creek view composter
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Better Chicken Houses. Better Results.

Welcome to Better Chicken Houses, a website dedicated to offering smart poultry management solutions for today’s growers. Here, you’ll find a select number of high-performance poultry products, and all are designed to help you lower costs, increase profitability and improve your overall operation.

Take the Creek View Windrow Composter. This 3-in-1 poultry litter windrower is designed to help you successfully eliminate disease-causing pathogens in poultry litter, and it’s much more affordable than similar machines on the market today. In addition to the PTO and hydraulic windrowers, we also offer a Pulverizer and a Litter Blade – two more great products from Creek View Manufacturing. 

Our newest addition of products comes from Buffalo Turbine. These poultry house blowers are expertly engineered, exceptionally well-made and powerful enough to handle any job on your farm. Both PTO blowers and hydraulic blowers are available.

Whatever your needs, we’re here to help make your chicken houses better. Don’t forget to check out our News section, where you’ll find helpful articles, guidelines and case studies relating to poultry litter management, poultry house improvement and much more.


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