The Buffalo Turbine Blower for Tractors – PTO Model

It’s amazing just how much dust, dirt and debris can collect in poultry houses. It’s also amazing how much time it takes to blow out each house effectively, especially if you’re using leaf blowers or backpack blowers. The good news is that we finally have a poultry house blower that’s powerful enough to clean every corner of your house, from the sidewalls to the ceiling, and blow off every piece of equipment, including fans, heaters, feed pans and more.

It’s called the Buffalo Turbine Blower, and growers across the country love its one-of-a-kind design, high-quality construction and time-saving convenience. If you have a tractor with 20HP at the PTO, you’re in business. Not only is this machine powerful and versatile enough to handle any job on your farm, it also requires minimal maintenance, so you can rest easy knowing that the investment you make will last for years to come.

Benefits and Features of the Buffalo Turbine Blower

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Model NumberBT-CPTO
Control2V wired 360 Degree Nozzle Control
Overall Length w/Nozzle63”
Overall Width22”
Weight245 lbs
Input PowerDirect Drive Gearbox
Input RPMUp to 3780 RPM (Use only @ 540 RPM PTO shaft speed max)
Minimum HP at PTO20
NozzleAerospace Polymer Nozzle (optional aluminum nozzles are available)
Outlet SizeApprox. 12”
Shipping Weight340 lbs (132.08kg)
Shipping Box Size52”(132.08cm) x 36”(91.44cm) x 46”(116.84cm)

Buffalo Turbine offers a 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Based in Springville, New York, Buffalo Turbine manufactures high-quality, state-of-the-art debris blowers, sprayers/dusters, and dust and odor control equipment. Since 1945, Buffalo Turbine has shipped thousands of units worldwide.


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