windrowing with the creek view composter

Looking for a step-by-step process for composting poultry litter effectively? This tried-and-true process was developed by Brian Horst, the grower from Pennsylvania who developed the Creek View Composter (a.k.a. the Creek View Compost Predator). The following steps may vary slightly, depending on the width of the chicken house and the depth of the poultry litter.

Pass 1: Make a complete pass alongside the walls of the chicken house, throwing poultry litter towards the center.

Pass 2: Straddle windrow #1 and throw it towards the center again.

Pass 3: Start in the center and throw the litter out towards windrows on either side – making two pass going opposite ways. (If three windrows are desired, cut wall plate along edget of existing windrows. Throw litter in towards the center again, creating windrow #3).

Note: for optimal performance, incorporate all litter in the windrows so that the floor is exposed.

Leveling Windrows
Straddling windrows and using wheels, divide windrow approximately into thirds. Throw a third of the litter towards the wall. Turn around and return, straddling windrow again. Throw litter towards the center of the house. Continue using this pattern until the litter covers the floor wall to wall. Set kid shoes to desired final depth. Start in the center of the house and work litter towards the wall. Machine PTO needs to be engaged during the leveling process.

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The Creek View Composter makes composting poultry litter as easy as it gets. To request more information, complete the form or call 864-508-2447.

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